How to appeal a parking infringement

If you believe that a fine is not warranted, you may appeal it.

There are three stages within the appeal process:

  • Stage 1 - Local Level Review
  • Stage 2 - Council Delegated Independent Officer
  • Stage 3 - External Review

Stage 1 - Local Level Review

Send an appeal form, appeal letter or statutory declaration with any additional information or evidence to Mackay Regional Council.

You must submit your appeal form or letter to council within 28 days from when the Infringement Notice or a Reminder Notice was issued.

Council will investigate the matter and send a written decision to the customer to let them know if the penalty remains or if it has been waived.

Stage 2 - Council's Delegated Independent Officer

If the penalty stands after stage one and the customer disagrees with that decision, they can make an appeal to council's Delegated Independent Officer.

The Delegated Independent Officer can overturn or choose to uphold decisions reached during stage one.

Appeals at this level should be made within 14 days of the date on the letter advising the outcome of the stage one appeal decision.

Customers should send a letter explaining their desire to seek a review by council's Delegated Independent Officer and further supporting evidence that was not supplied during the stage one appeal to the Chief Executive Officer of Mackay Regional Council.

Council's Delegated Independent Officer will review the new information and let the customer know in writing if the penalty still stands or if it has been waived.

Stage two is council's final decision on the appeal.

Stage 3 - External Review

If the customer disagrees with council's Delegated Independent Officer's decisions, they may seek an External Review. External Reviews are conducted through the Magistrates Court.  See the back of your infringement notice for details.