Long-term parking tickets

Long-term parking tickets can be purchased directly from PayStay.

To book a ticket, simply register or log-in to the PayStay app or website

Select the zone 47409900

Select time period for the ticket which range from one month to 12 months (31 day intervals).

To activate your new long-term parking session, please press start.

Alternatively, call the PayStay call centre on 1300 322 111 to purchase your ticket over the phone.

Your ticket will be activated as soon as you press start. There is no need to display a sticker or paper work, council’s systems will identify you as a long-term ticket holder via your car’s number plate. Once started the session will not stop until purchased time has passed.

All-day parking locations

  • Mid-City Carpark (Corner Gregory Street and Gordon Street, Mackay)
  • Riverside Carpark (Corner Gregory Street and River Street, Mackay)
  • Wharf Carpark (Corner Brisbane Street and River Street, Mackay)

Please note:

  • The Cinema Carpark in Gordon Street is not an all-day parking area – it is only four hour parking. It can not be used as part as long-term parking.

Ticket fees

Monthly parking tickets are for 31 days and the minimum payment is $61.07. This monthly ticket equates to $3.05 per business day (20 days).

Please note that once you have started the monthly ticket it can't be paused or resumed or used in the Cinema Carpark.