> How do I pay for parking if I don’t have a smart phone?

Those without a smartphone can use the SMS or call centre service to book parking.

> How does PayStay work?

PayStay allows for on-street car parking without having to buy a ticket or deposit coins into a meter. Simply set up an account by downloading the PayStay App or register at www.paystay.com.au.

> Do I have to be registered to use PayStay?

Yes, you must be registered before you can use PayStay. You can register by simply downloading the PayStay App from AppStore (iPhone) or PlayStore (Android) or alternatively you can register online at www.paystay.com.au and complete the registration process as prompted.

> Are there any other methods of registering?

You can also register through the Pay Stay Call Centre on 1300 322 111.

> How are my payments collected?

When you register for an account with PayStay you will be prompted to enter your credit card details. Your credit card will be debited by an amount that you specify on registration (the “Top Up Amount” and automatically by that amount each time your account falls below a minimum account balance which you also nominate upon registration (“the Low Balance Threshold”).

> What credit cards can I use?

PayStay accepts Visa and MasterCard.

> What if I don't have a credit card?

Purchase a Visa/Mastercard Prepaid Gift Card and load money onto that card to use for your PayStay account. These are available to purchase at post offices, supermarkets, Visa or Mastercard's website etc. Please note: PayStay only applies to the paid off-street carparks - there will still be free, timed on-street parking available in the city centre.

> Why can't I specify how long I would like to park using PayStay?

The PayStay service is built around the idea that you prefer to pay for the amount of time that you actually park, rather than paying for more parking time than you need. The start and stop model that PayStayoffers allows you to start your session when you begin parking and then stop your session when you actually leave the parking facility. This method also avoids you having to log-in to extend a parking session unnecessarily if you happen to stay longer than you originally intended to. (Please note that you are always required to comply with any time-limited or other parking restrictions of the parking facility you are using ie: the Cinema Carpark has a four hour time limit)

What are my options for starting a parking session?

There are four options for starting a parking session.

  1. The easiest method to start a session is to download the PayStay app and start your session.
  2. Logon to www.paystay.com.au.
  3. Contact the PayStay Call Centre on 1300 322 111.
  4. Send an SMS message to 0419 962 119 with the following commands:

Single vehicle registration
Start Message: PARK [Zone Number]
Stop Message: STOP

Multiple vehicle registration
Start Message: PARK [Zone Number][Vehicle Registration]
Stop Message: STOP [Vehicle Registration]

> Are there any fees or charges that apply in addition to the Parking Fees?

This information is available in PayStay’s Terms of Use at www.paystay.com.au. Alternatively please contact the PayStay Call Centre on 1300 322 111.

> Why can't I start my parking session?

Usually this is due to an expired credit card associated with your PayStay Account or insufficient funds being available with the credit card associated with your PayStay Account. Please contact the PayStay Call Centre on 1300 322 111.

> Can I register multiple vehicle registrations against one account?

Yes, you can do this by logging into your PayStayaccount at www.paystay.com.au

> How many vehicles can be attached to a PayStay account?


> How can I remove an old vehicle registration when I change vehicles?

You need to log into your account at www.paystay.com.au (or by using the PayStay app) and select "delete vehicle" from the user menu.

> Where can I park and use PayStay?

The PayStay service can be used wherever you see the PayStay name and logo.

Parking locations covered by PayStay in the Mackay region include:

  • Cinema Carpark (Cnr Gordon and Wood streets) - FOUR HOURS MAX
  • Wharf Carpark (Cnr Brisbane and River streets)
  • Riverside Carpark (Cnr River and Gregory streets)
  • Mid-City Carpark (Cnr Gordon and Gregory streets)

> How do I know that my payment for parking fees has occurred successfully?

If you use the PayStayapp, the application will display a message letting you know that you have successfully parked your vehicle.

If you use the PayStayCall Centre (1300 322 111) the automated response system will confirm the transaction by relaying your transaction details back to you.

If you use the PayStay website www.paystay.com.au, log into your PayStay account and select “Recent Transactions” from the User Menu.

If you use the PayStay SMS facility to initiate payment for a parking session, you will receive an SMS notification confirming your parking session. (Please note that fees apply for SMS Notifications).

> How will I know if my account is running low?

The PayStay service is designed to automatically top up accounts that are running low. During registration for PayStay you are prompted to enter a “Top Up Amount” and a “Low Balance Threshold”. When your account balance falls below the “Low Balance Threshold” you specified, your credit card will be debited by your nominated “Top Up Amount”.

> Can I change my Low Balance Threshold to a different amount?

Yes, you can change your “Low Balance Threshold” and your “Top Up Amount” at any time, by logging into your PayStay Account at www.paystay.com.au and selecting “Payment & Balance Details” from the user menu.

> How can I close my account?

To close your PayStay account call the PayStayCall Centre on 1300 322 111.

> Are my registration details safe?

Yes, personal information including account details can only be accessed by securely logging in with your username and password. In addition, all personal information including account details are stored in an encrypted secure database and handled in accordance with the current industry standards.

> What happens if I receive a parking fine or penalty notice?

It is your responsibility to ensure that you have parked in accordance with the regulations of the parking facility you are using and have paid for parking via PayStay.  If you wish to query a parking infringement or penalty notice you have received, contact Mackay Regional Council on 1300 MACKAY (622 529).

> What should I do if I can't login to www.paystay.com.au?

Confirm that the PayStay website www.paystay.com.au is available. Alternatively, try to download and use the PayStay App or call the PayStay Call Centre on 1300 322 111.

> What should I do if I can't download the PayStay App?

Please call the PayStay Call Centre on 1300 322 111 or email customerservice@paystay.com.au.

> What happens if I forget to press stop on the PayStay app?

You will only be charged a maximum of one day’s parking ($5) if you forget to stop the service.

> I don’t know my log-in username or password?

If you have forgotten your username/password please contact the PayStay helpdesk on 1300 322 111.

> Is paying with PayStay secure?

All information displayed on the PayStay website is protected by digital certificate which can be verified by viewing the certificate details in your browser. Mobile applications are secured in the same manner. For further information please contact the PayStay helpdesk on 1300 322 111.

> How does the PayStay SMS reminder message system work?

The PayStay mobile application's SMS reminder is an opt in/opt out option and is sent 10 minutes prior to the parking session expiring. You can change the SMS setting on the app in the account settings to: always send, never send or ask each time. There is a small fee for using this service.

> Can records be split for private and work related parking expenses?

Reports are generated for each vehicle and are unable to be split between private and work related use for the vehicle.

> Can transactions be reported/printed for audit purposes?

Yes, a history of all transactions is available at www.paystay.com.au

> What will happen if I have purchased a pre-paid parking permit?

Existing purchased pre-paid parking permits (Long term parking tickets) will remain in-effect. Purchase of any new long term monthly tickets can be purchased from PayStay using Zone 47409900.

> Don't want to use PayStay?

There are 2500 free, timed on-street carparks available through the city for short-term use. Time limits range from 30 minutes to 3 hours.

Or, paid parking machines that accept coin and credit/debit card are installed in Mid-City Carpark and Cinema Carpark. Park here if you don't want to use PayStay.

> Disabled parking

If you have a disabled parking permit you do not need to use PayStay. Disabled parking permits can be used to park at an on-street carpark for an unlimited time, where the time limit shown on the sign is 30 minutes or more.