Discounts and concessions

Rates relief

The Rates Relief Policy applies to those ratepayers who are experiencing serious hardship and as a result are unable to pay their rates and charges.

Financial hardship exists when ratepayers are unable to meet basic requirements, including food, clothing, medicine, accommodation and children's education.  This hardship may occur as a result of illness, long-term unemployment or death of a partner.

This relief only applies to a ratepayer’s principal place of residence and does not apply to owners of:

  • Commercial or industrial properties
  • Vacant land
  • More than one property
  • Multiple dwellings

In certain circumstances, non-profit community organisations who qualify for a non-profit community organisation remission may qualify for additional relief under the Rates Relief Policy.

Applicants must complete a Rate Relief Application and provide information regarding their financial position under a Statutory Declaration. Applicants must also provide any additional documentation, (including certified copies of Income Tax Assessments or statements from Centrelink verifying the financial position of the applicant(s)) to substantiate the information supplied.

All applications for rate relief are assessed confidentially and on merit.

Non-profit community organisations

Council recognises the contribution made by community organisations, and has the capacity to provide a rating remission to these appropriate organisations.

An application for the remission has to be lodged at least once every three years and is subject to a number of conditions.

Conservation remission

Ratepayers who enter into an agreement with the Environment Protection Agency to preserve areas within their holdings as areas of conservation significance.

Pensioner concessions

Holders of a Queensland "Pensioner Concession Card" issued by Centrelink, on behalf of the Department of Family and Community Services, or the Department of Veteran's Affairs, or a Queensland "Repatriation Health Card - For All Conditions" (Gold Card) issued by the Department of Veteran's Affairs are eligible for a concession on the rates applicable to their principal place of residence provided they either own or part-own the property.

The State Government provides a rebate of 20% of all charges to a maximum of $200 per annum and council provides a rebate of 25% of the general rate to a maximum of $400 per annum. In addition, State Fire Services provides a rebate of 20% of the Fire Levy Group 2 applicable to dwellings. Part-owners may only be entitled to part-rebates.

Eligible pensioners will be required to complete an application form to initially apply for the rebate and each year council will verify their entitlement with the relevant Government Department. Fresh applications will only be required if the pensioner status is not confirmed by the department.