Information for schools

Mackay Regional Council has a waste education program that offers schools and community groups the opportunity to learn about waste minimisation and recycling. This is a free service aimed at raising awareness of waste management in the Mackay region.

Schools can organise a tour of the Materials Recovery Facility or alternatively education sessions can be delivered at schools. For more information, click on Waste Services under Education Tours.

Recycling Education Centre

The Recycling Education Centre provides fun, informative and first-hand recycling education for school and community groups and is a free service provided by Mackay Regional Council. Visits to the centre are an interesting and interactive learning experience for both school and community groups.

The recycling education centre is located at the Materials Recovery Facility, 42 Crichtons Road, Paget. This is where the recyclables are processed once collected through Mackay's recycling kerbside collection service (the yellow lidded bins).

Please provide a minimum of two weeks' notice to book and secure a tour of the Materials Recovery Facility. To maximise the students experience it is suggested to schedule morning visits from 9am.

To organise a visit, contact council's Waste Environmental Education Officer on 4961 9051.

Visits to schools

If classes are unable to participate in on-site tours of the Material Recovery Facility, waste educations sessions can be delivered in the classroom or the new waste education trailer can be booked for a visit to the school.

Online resources

Materials Recovery Facility Education video

Waste education trailer

Mackay Regional Council's Waste Education Trailer is available to come to your school or community group. It contains bright colourful messages on recycling including worm farming and composting initiatives to help reduce our waste. Bookings are essential. For further information please phone the Waste Environmental Education Officer on 4961 9051.

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Community group visits

Community groups are also encouraged to tour the materials Recovery Facility. Special arrangements can be made to accommodate community groups out of normal working hours. To organise a visit, contact council's Waste Environmental Education Officer on 4961 9051.