Mackay Regional Council offers FREE, fun and interactive water education lessons that teaches students about where our water comes from, how it's treated and the importance of conserving our water supply.

Online resources

Visit the H2O Resources library for videos, fact sheets, colour-in and activity sheets.

Classroom visits

A H2O Specialist is available to visit local kindergartens, primary and secondary schools and present the program directly to students in the classroom – it's the perfect way to start, extend or culminate a classroom unit.

Click here to fill in a Water and Waste Services Booking Form.

There are two programs to choose from:

Watch the Flow
The Watch the Flow program provides students with all they need to know about our H2O including where our water comes from,  the water cycle and the journey water takes to reach our taps.  It also provides students with valuable information on water conservation practices around the home and at school.

Choose Tap
The Choose Tap program promotes the benefits of drinking tap water as part of a healthy lifestyle and as a positive alternative to bottled water.  Our local tap water is of the highest quality, meeting state and national guidelines and it's up to 1500 times cheaper than bottled water.

Facility Tours

Nebo Road Water Treatment Plant
If you want to learn more about our tap water and how it's treated, book a tour at the Nebo Road Water Treatment Plant.  At the plant students will be able to view the treatment process first-hand and will learn how water is cleaned and treated to a high quality for human consumption.

Note: Maximum booking number is 15 students per tour group and students must be in Year 10 or above.


To book a classroom visit, send an email to one of our H2O Specialists. For more information contact council on 1300 MACKAY (622 529).