Water restrictions

Why we have water restrictions

It's important that the region's H2O is monitored and managed to ensure that demand does not exceed supply – this is why we have water restrictions.

Our region extends across 7000 square kilometres, encompassing many communities of all different shapes and sizes. In order to reliably supply water to these communities, water is sourced from 4 rivers and 42 bores.

To ensure our water supply is safe, it is treated at 13 different treatment facilities from which it supplies 11 different water supply areas. With each water source and treatment plant operating at different capacities, water restrictions for each community may vary from time to time - it all depends on where your water comes from.

Click here to find out more about where your H2O comes from.

Current restriction levels

Level 1 Water Restrictions apply to the following areas:

  • Mackay City region
  • Bakers Creek
  • McEwens Beach
  • Supply connected to the Seaforth Transfer main reticulation network (Farleigh, The Leap, Seaforth, Ball Bay, Haliday Bay, Cape Hillsborough etc.)
  • Walkerston
  • Midge Point / Laguna Whitsunday Resort including supply connected to the Midge Point Transfer Main
  • Sarina
  • Louisa Creek
  • Hay Point
  • Koumala
  • Armstrong Beach
  • Freshwater Pt
  • Sarina Beach
  • Campwin Beach
  • Grasstree Beach
  • Salonika Beach
  • Half Tide
  • Mirani
  • Marian

Level 2 Water Restrictions apply to the following areas:

  • Eton
  • Calen
  • Kolijo
  • Bloomsbury
  • Gargett
  • Finch Hatton
  • Pinnacle

Level 3 and 4 water restrictions currently do not apply.

Note: The Water Restrictions Policy only applies to consumers and transporters of potable water supplied by Mackay Regional Council, both within its water supply districts and in areas to which it supplies potable water outside of those districts.

Nothing in the Water Restrictions Policy prevents the use of:

  • Water drawn from a source other than from the water supply system under the control of Mackay Regional Council
  • Reclaimed or used water
  • Private bores
  • Rainwater collected in tanks (unless the tank is topped up by the Mackay Regional Council water supply)
  • Water supplied from another service provider

Quick guide to residential outdoor watering

For full Water Restriction details, including car washing, external house cleaning and pool topping-up or filling, download the Water Restrictions Policy.

Guide to outdoor watering

Are you odd or even?

Did you know that your property address determines the days you can water your gardens and lawn using the potable water supply?

Watering days for odd or unnumbered properties are Wednesdays, Fridays and Sundays and for even numberedTuesdays, Thursdays and Saturdays.  No watering on Mondays, or on any day between 10am and 4pm.

Water restriction exemptions

In special circumstances, you may apply for an exemption or amendment to the current water restrictions levels.  Where an exemption or amendment is sought, you must submit an Application for Exemption or Amendment Form along with the applicable fee to council.

Download the Water Restrictions Policy for more information on exemptions.