Planning, Projects and Strategies

Mackay Sports and Recreation Strategy (2018-2028) Strategic Plan

Sport and recreation are a central part of the Mackay region’s lifestyle. Council will prioritise the planning and provision of sport and recreation opportunities that maximise the health, social and economic benefits for the region.

Council recognises that to achieve this vision, partnerships with the community and other levels of government will need to be developed and supported to meet the challenges involved in maintaining existing infrastructure and providing new or upgraded facilities during the next 10 years.

Brewers Park

Local Sarina sporting groups, in partnership with council and Government agencies, have developed a ‘master plan’ for Brewers Park, to provide quality opportunities for the Sarina community to be involved in sport and an active and enjoyable lifestyle.

The 2012-2022 Brewers Park Sporting Precinct Master Plan, adopted by the Brewers Park Sporting Precinct Committee on February 7 2012, is funded by the Queensland Government’s Building Rural Communities Fund - Blueprint for the Bush.

The predominant theme of the Master Plan is the multi-use of facilities and the construction of recreation health/fitness tracks to encourage greater use of the facility by the general community.

Mackay Regional Council Cycleway Strategy

In 1999 council adopted the Mackay City Bicycle Strategy for the Mackay urban area. The Bicycle Strategy sought to encourage cycling in Mackay and guide the development of a more safe, convenient and accessible environment for cyclists, particularly those of school age.

In 2004, council carried out a review of the strategy, mainly driven by the need to review the high development growth areas and to extend the master plan to include areas such as Glenella and Slade Point. A further review was undertaken in 2007 which updated the master plans to include the Northern Beaches and Walkerston.

The scope of the 2010 review involves extending the plan to include a whole region approach to cycle traffic planning. The current focus of the Mackay Cycleway Strategy is to close the 'missing' links in the existing network as well as creating a 'spine' link for future extensions to the network.

Open Space, Sport and Recreation Strategy (OSSR) 2010 – 2016

After a 12-month study period undertaken by an external leisure consulting firm and a significant amount community consultation, Council adopted its Open Space, Sport and Recreation Strategy (OSSR) 2010 – 2016 at the end of 2010.

The purpose of this study was to develop a strategic direction for aspects associated with aquatics, open spaces and sports and recreation for the broader Mackay Region.

Findings and recommendations of this study were incorporated into this comprehensive strategy which seeks to define a regional context for the planning and provision of open spaces and sports and recreation, and proposes a new framework for the management and delivery of sport and recreation opportunities.

Although the Recreation Services team is busy working on the realisation of a range of the strategy’s recommendations, it is to be noted that the implementation of all recommendations within this report would be beyond the responsibility and/or capacity of Council to fund in its own right. For this reason, partnerships, external grants and other funding contributions require to be sought wherever possible to implement these recommendations.

Pioneer Valley Sporting Needs Analysis

In accordance with the recommendations described in Council’s adopted Open Space, Sport and Recreation Strategy 2010 – 2016, Council commenced the Pioneer Valley Sporting Needs Analysis in May 2012 to inform the Marian Central Local Plan of the draft Mackay Region Planning Scheme.

The study, undertaken by a leisure consulting firm, involved consultation with school principals and sporting groups based in the Pioneer Valley through surveys, meetings and a ‘drop in session’ in line with  the study’s Community Engagement Plan. The 4-month investigation identified key priorities for sporting land for the Pioneer Valley over the next 10 – 20 years to cater for future growth, including  protecting existing sporting land and increasing the supply of sport and recreation facilities. More specifically the study recommends to:

  • Secure new land for a District Sporting Precinct at Marian which is to comprise oval and rectangular fields, multi-use and space for outdoor courts as demand develops.
  • Seek to acquire additional land in Mirani to provide additional playing fields.
  • Acquire additional land to enable the development of rectangular sports fields in Walkerston.
  • Aim to secure and protect Mt Vince Rifle Range.
  • Investigate the development of identified parcels of land for ‘difficult to locate’ sports such as mountain biking or trial bike riding.
  • Pioneer Valley Sporting Needs Analysis

Post Implementation Review of the Bluewater Lagoon

Council’s Bluewater Lagoon aquatic facility opened to the public on 10 August 2008. Prior to this date, it was agreed for a review to be undertaken several years after opening the Bluewater Lagoon to determine whether the facility met its objectives and to conclude its social and economic benefits to the region.

The 6-month review, undertaken by an external organisation, was completed in March 2012 and made available to the community.

The review concludes that Mackay’s popular Bluewater Lagoon generates an estimated $5 million in economic benefits to the Mackay region annually and that 85% of the visitors are predominantly local residents, with 5% coming from the Isaac and Whitsunday Regional Council areas. It further concludes that approximately 10%  of users are visitors to the region or family and friends visiting local residents.

The review reinforces the economic importance of the Bluewater Lagoon and its long term impact on the regional community and that this asset is becoming the “face of Mackay”.