Property searches

Buying a property?  Find out about property searches, planning certificates, water meter readings and more.

To request any of the searches below, complete a Property Search Application below and return to council. Registered solicitors and conveyancers can request searches online.

Please allow 10 working days processing time.

Rate Certificate

Contains the following information:

  • All rating levies and credits
  • Property conditions - excluding building conditions
  • Requisition/s

Registered Proprietor

  • Current Registered Owner
  • Postal Address
  • Property Description

For owners’ details of adjoining properties, please contact council’s call centre to discuss prior to completing the Property Search Application.

Certificate of Classification

Certificates of Classification are available for Class 2-9 buildings (Commercial / Industrial Buildings and some units), and are issued when a building is completed to the satisfaction of a Building Certifier.

If a certificate of classification has not been previously issued for Class 2-9 (Commercial / Industrial Buildings and some units) building approvals that were approved prior to April 1998, council will carry out an inspection and issue a certificate upon written request.  An inspection fee is required for this service.

Building & Plumbing Records Search

Water Certificate

A Water Certificate contains current water meter details as well as a special water meter reading.

Limited Planning and Development Certificate

Information supplied in a certificate:

  • Street address and real property description
  • Description of any Planning Scheme provisions applying specifically to the premises, including Locality, Zone, Precinct, Sub-Precinct, Overlay(s), Notation(s) (this information also available for free from MiMAPS)
  • Description of any designations applying the premises
  • Statement of any infrastructure charge for the premises

Standard Planning and Development Certificate

In addition to the information supplied with a Limited Planning & Development Certificate:

  • A copy of every Decision Notice or Negotiated Decision Notice for a Development Approval that has not lapsed
  • details of any minor change to the Development Approval
  • A copy of any agreement to which the Local Government or Concurrence Agency is a party about a condition of the Development Approval
  • A copy of any Infrastructure Agreement applying to the premises to which the Local Government is a party
  • A description of each proposed amendment of a Planning Scheme the Local Government has decided to proceed with under Schedule 1, Section 16, of the Local Government Act but has not been adopted

Full Planning and Development Certificate

In addition to information supplied with a Limited and Standard Planning & Development Certificate:

  • If there is currently in force for the premises a Development Approval containing conditions (including conditions about the carrying out of works or the payment of money, other than under an Infrastructure Agreement) - a statement about the fulfilment or non-fulfilment of each condition, at a stated day after the day the certificate was applied for
  • If there is an Infrastructure Agreement to which the Local Government is a party: (i) if there are obligations under the agreement that have not been fulfilled - details of the nature and extent of the obligations not fulfilled; and (ii) details of the giving of any security and whether any payment required to be made under the security has been made
  • Advice of: (i) any prosecution for a development offence in relation to the premises of which the Local Government is aware; or (ii) proceedings for a prosecution for a development offence in relation to the premises of which the Local Government is aware

Zoning information

Zoning information can be obtained for free by accessing MiMAPS where you can find property descriptions and print maps.

If you require further information in relation to allowable uses within a zone, complete the planning advice enquiry online form, or make an appointment to see the Planning Advice team with council's Customer Service Centre.

Health (Licensed Premises) Requisition Enquiry

Contains information on the following:

  • Search of council records to indicate last correspondence or current status, physical inspection not conducted
  • Outstanding license fees

Health (Licensed Premises) Inspection

Contains information on the following:

  • Physical inspection of premises conducted, search of council records, and compliance report issued
  • Outstanding licence fees

How to obtain your search

Search results can be posted to the address you specify on your search form, or collected from council's Customer Service Centre.

Urgent search

We understand that sometimes you may require your searches urgently. An urgent search can be faxed to you. Simply note this request on your search form and include the additional fax fee as indicated on the form.

One search per property

One search per single property will be provided. If more than one property is required, please provide the appropriate fees for each additional property.  However, planning certificates and plumbing and building searches are one per parcel.