Building and Plumbing Records Search (BPRS)

A BPRS provides information about what building and plumbing approvals are recorded electronically against council’s computer records.

What information does a BPRS provide?

  • Any outstanding building requisitions registered against a property
  • Description of approved structure
  • Approval date
  • Approval number
  • Final inspection date

What a BPRS does not provide?

  • Copies of plan (this is a separate request)
  • A physical inspection to confirm current records
  • There is no physical inspection - the BPRS does not confirm or deny that any further work has been performed on the premises

What verification must the property owner or authorised third party provide?

  • Owner - proof of ownership e.g. identification or copy of rates notice
  • Solicitor/Purchaser/Other Property - Search Application form with the owner’s signature or a copy of signed Contract of Sale
  • Purchaser – Property Search Application form and a copy of signed Contract of Sale

A Contract of Sale is not sufficient unless it clearly states that “The Seller authorises the Buyer to inspect records held by any authority, including Security Interests on the PPSR relating to the property” – REIQ Contract 7.7(3).

A fee applies for the search with the amount differing depending on the class of the building (i.e. Class 1&10 – Residential OR Class 2-9 – Commercial).

How long is my BPRS going to take?

  • Normal timeframe within 10 working days