Property Flood Report

The property flood report provides property or lot-based flood information for building and development requirements and understanding flood hazard.

The report provides available information on minimum floor level requirements, estimated design flood levels, and technical information on the source of flooding at the time the report is generated and is subject to change.

An instructional video will be developed to demonstrate how to generate a property flood report.

Access the property flood report.

To find out more about how the contents of this report may affect building and development please refer to Council’s Planning Advice team.

For additional information on the flood studies used to inform the information provided in the property flood report please refer to council’s Flood Study page.

How to use the flood report tool

Welcome to this user guide for Mackay Regional Council’s Development Planning Flood Report Tool.

This easy-to-use tool replaces the customer or online request for Q100/Defined Flood Event/Defined Storm Tide Event & Minimum Floor Level.