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I have witnessed a DFV incident

I have witnessed a domestic and family violence incident:

Call 000

  • If it is happening now
  • If a life is threatened
  • If the event is time critical

Is there no immediate danger?

  • Call 131 444 to report a non-urgent police matter

You can also make a non-urgent police report of DFV by submitting an online form.

Assess the situation:

  • Do you feel safe to step in now or later?
  • Is there a risk of escalation?

Bystander intervention is NOT putting yourself or others in danger or in the way of potential harm.

Possible constructive action:

  • Say something to the person using violence to diffuse the situation
  • Show the person using violence that you are there/watching
  • Say something appropriate (about what you are observing) to the people beside you (loud enough to be heard)

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