Home Library Service

The Home Library Service is available to help all eligible library members of the Mackay region who are unable to visit the library by bringing the library to the customer.  Our Home Library Services provides a range of library materials to ensure that our members recreation, cultural, educational and entertainment needs are met.

Mackay Regional Council Libraries has a large collection on the library catalogue including:

Membership Eligibility

  • who are unable to visit the library due to mobility, age, illness or a disability.
  • who live in residential establishments such as aged care, hostels or hospitals
  • who are engaged in full-time care for an individual with an illness or disability.

These conditions may be temporary, recurring or permanent.

Select and Collect
Library staff can select items for Home Library Service members that can be picked up by a friend or family member from any library branch.

Joining the Service
Complete the Home Library Application and material selection and return to the library.  A library representative will contact you to discuss your service.

Download the Home Library Service Membership form now: Home library service application form

The home library service is provided by volunteers. If you require access to the home library service, or would like to become a home library volunteer, please contact us (4961 9387).