Registration and identification

Registration is due on July 1 each year (with a discount offered for registering in June) and is required for all dogs and cats over twelve weeks of age. Council's financial period for dog and  cat registration is from July 1 to June 30.

Why register?

Registration of your dog and cat is a formal commitment by you to take responsibility for it as well as giving it appropriate care. It shows the community that you care and will do the right thing by your pet.

Registration also helps council identify who owns which dogs and cats, how many dogs and cats live in the city and where they live.

Refuge and recovery

One of the most important benefits of pet registration and identification is that it allows an effective rescue and refuge service.

Pets roaming our streets are often alone and afraid, with the potential to be hurt or involved in neighbourhood disturbances. Council attempts to reunite owners with their lost pets. If your pet is lost or strays, a council registration tag is your best safeguard to ensure getting your pet back quickly and safely.

It's important to regularly check that your pet's tag is visible, safely secured and undamaged.

Registration process

To register your dog or cat, register online or simply go your nearest council office with the appropriate fee (discounts are available to pensioners and owners of desexed dogs). Owners of desexed dogs must supply a copy of the Sterilisation Certificate or a Statutory Declaration when registering.

It is important to register your dog and cat as soon as you get it (or within 14 days if you have moved to Mackay) to help keep it safe and returned to you if it wanders.

If you have a dog which is declared 'Dangerous' a number of additional registration requirements are in force. These requirements are vital for the safety of your pet and the community and it is essential that you comply.

Penalties for not registering

Irresponsible owners who fail to register their dogs or cats with council may face significant penalties including on the spot fines.

Registration compliance is regularly checked both in public areas and residential situations to ensure that pet owners are taking their responsibility seriously.

Identification tags

When you register your pet with council, the information you provide is used to contact you if your pet is found or injured.

External to the registration identification process you may wish to use the RSPCA Very Important Pet tag system. Each tag has a unique number which is linked to a 24 hour lost and found service. Further Information regarding the VIP system can be obtained by calling 1300 363 736.

You can also contact your local vet and arrange for your dog or cat to be micro-chipped. Micro-chipping ensures that owners and pets identification details are readily available if a pet is found, and isn't wearing its registration tag.

Special permits

Additional permits are required in a number of circumstances, including:

  • Keeping a 'dangerous dog'
  • Keeping more than two dogs/cats

Permits may also be required to:

  • Use premises as a pet shop
  • Use premises as a kennel or cattery

Register your pet today

Complete the dog/cat registration form and return it to council.  This form only needs to be completed for dogs or cats that have not been registered at Mackay Regional Council previously or dogs and cats that have new owners.

For dog registration renewals, pay via our online services facility.