Paget Waste Management Centre

The Paget Waste Management Centre is located at Crichtons Road (off Connors Road) Paget.

The following facilities are located at the Paget Waste Management Centre:

  • Resource Recovery Facility - Incredable Ltd.
  • Paintback Collection Facility - Incredable Ltd drop off area
  • The Gatehouse - Waste disposal fees are paid at the gatehouse - see fees and charges.
  • Paget Transfer Station accepts domestic and commercial waste. Entry to the Transfer Station is via the Gatehouse 365 days a year.
  • Used oil collection facility.
  • Green waste area for the disposal of green garden waste, charges apply.
  • drumMUSTER facility.
  • Asbestos skip - Asbestos Disposal Fact Sheet.
  • Materials Recovery Facility processes the collection of recyclables from yellow-lidded recycling bins. The public does not have access to drop off recyclables at this facility.

Incredable Ltd (Resource Recovery Facility)

As you enter the grounds of the Paget Waste Management Centre, you will enter the Resource Recovery Facility, Incredable Ltd.

The Resource Recovery Facility is open daily from 7am to 5pm for drop off. Recyclable and reusable goods can be dropped off at this site for free prior to taking general waste to the transfer station.

Incredable Ltd accepts a variety of recyclable and reusable items.

The Incredable Ltd (RRF) shop is open Thursday - Sunday from 9am to 4pm.

Paintback Collection Facility

Residents and tradies can dispose of their unwanted paint and paint tins at the Incredable Ltd Drop Off area for free. Paintback accepts up to 100 litres per vehicle per visit in containers of 20 litres or less.

The Gatehouse

The gatehouse is the entry point for disposal of general waste and green waste. Customers pay disposal charges at the gatehouse. View the Waste fees and charges.

  • Residents are charged a flat fee for waste disposal which is determined by the type of vehicle delivering the waste.
  • Commercial is charged by weight of load (except polystyrene).
  • Fees are paid at the gatehouse on departure.

Paget Transfer Station

The Paget Transfer Station is open daily from 6.15am to 5.45pm and disposal fees apply.

Note- Safety first: Customers are requested to dress appropriately when disposing of waste. Personal protective gear is encouraged such as closed in shoes, long pants, gloves and eye wear.

Paget Transfer Station accepts domestic and commercial waste:

  • Driving into the transfer station, the first area on the right is where commercial operators dispose of waste.
  • Residential rubbish can be disposed of on the other side of the transfer station.
  • Safety barriers around the edge of the waste pit prevent vehicles from reversing or parking too close to the edge and floor attendants are on site to guide people to appropriate bays.
  • Once the vehicle is stopped, the rubbish can be thrown into the pit.
  • Smoking is not permitted inside the transfer station.
  • When inside the transfer station, children under the age of 12 must remain in the car.
  • When all rubbish for disposal has been thrown into the pit and the vehicle is secure, follow the exit signs to leave the transfer station.

Used Oil Collection Facilities

The oil collection facility is located on the residential disposal side of the pit. Residents can bring up to 20 litres of used oil to the Paget Transfer Station for free disposal.

The Green Waste Area

Green waste is accepted at Paget Transfer Station and charges apply.


Paget Transfer Station accepts small loads of asbestos for further details download the following Asbestos Disposal Fact Sheet.


Mackay Regional Council has a drumMUSTER collection facility at Paget. To arrange a time to make a delivery, contact council.

The Materials Recovery Facility (MRF)

The Materials Recovery Facility is not open to the public to drop off recyclables.

Kerbside recycling is delivered to the Materials Recovery Facility (MRF) at Paget by waste contractors. At the MRF recyclables are sorted and separated into paper, plastics, steel aluminium and glass. All items are transported to Brisbane for further processing.