Administrative action complaints

Mackay Regional Council welcomes your feedback. If your feedback is in the form of a complaint you can be assured it will be handled in a fair and consistent manner. Council is committed to providing a high level of service for all clients and takes all complaints about our decisions and actions seriously.

Types of complaints

Customer service request

If you are advising of problems such as a barking dog, leaking water pipe, overgrown allotment or pothole issue then you are encouraged to lodge a customer service request.  These matters may be able to be resolved quickly by completing a customer service request. Customer service requests can be lodged online, in person, by phone or in writing.  Further information is available on our contact page.

Administrative action complaint

If you have already tried to resolve your matter and are still dissatisfied, you can lodge an administrative action complaint. Council has established a policy and framework for dealing with and resolving administrative action complaints.

Please lodge your complaint by using the complaint lodgement form. This form is to be used for making a complaint about an administrative action of Mackay Regional Council or an employee, not for requests of service.

The nature of your complaint will be assessed in accordance with the review criteria and an independent reviewer will be appointed.  Once the review has been completed you will receive the decision and reason/s for the decision.

If you are not satisfied with the outcome of the independent review, you have the right to take your complaint to an external agency, such as the Queensland Ombudsman, the Queensland Civil and Administrative Tribunal (QCAT) or other relevant complaint entities.

Anonymous complaints

Council is committed to treating all complaints with appropriate respect for the confidentiality and privacy of the parties involved.

Council will accept anonymous complaints about administrative actions. Anonymous complaints will be assessed and processed as per the Mackay Regional Council Administrative Actions Complaint Policy.

However it is important to note that unless there are sufficient details included in the complaint, it will be difficult for MRC to provide feedback to the complainant or request further information if required.

Further information


Mackay Regional Council will use any personal information collected for the purpose of investigating your complaint and to remain in contact with you. Council is authorised to collect this information under the Local Government Act 2009 and other local government legislation.  Your personal information is dealt with in accordance with Mackay Regional Council Personal Information Privacy Policy.