Household collection

Mackay Regional Council’s kerbside waste collection consists of one 240 litre red/green lidded bin for general waste that is serviced weekly and one 240 litre yellow- lidded bin for recycling that is serviced fortnightly on the same day as your general waste bin.

To check which day and week your bins are serviced, refer to the recycling calendar.

Bins servicing information:

To make sure your bin is collected:

  • check it is your correct day of service
  • position the bin by 6.00am on the day of collection
  • place the bin on the footpath next to kerb, handle towards the house
  • ensure access to the bin
  • ensure the refuse and recycling are in the correct bin
  • do not block vehicle access or pedestrian pathways
  • do not overfill bins, the lid must close fully
  • bag loose rubbish, for example dust, kitchen scraps and grass clippings. Note: recycling should not be bagged
  • keep garden pruning's small
  • do not overload the bin (maximum weight is 70 kilograms)
  • no pressure pumps, generators or pressurised energy systems
  • no gas bottles

Large items of waste or extra waste can be disposed of at one of the transfer stations in the Mackay region.

For further options with discarding rubbish, please check the a-z easy guide of waste disposal.

General waste bins

General waste bins are serviced weekly in the Mackay region. Traditionally the household 240 litre general waste bins have had a green lid.

red-lidded-binsRed is now the new green

The red lid is the national standard for general waste bins. All new services in the Mackay region will now be issued with a red lidded general waste bin. Green lids are slowly being phased out over the coming years.

What can be placed in the red/green lidded general rubbish bin?

The red/green lidded general waste bin is intended for domestic waste that is generated daily from households and cannot be placed in the recycling bin.

Please Note: It is preferable to bag loose general waste such as grass clipping, dust and kitchen scraps as they tend to adhere to the bins and collection vehicles.

Alternatively home worm farming and composting are a great way to reduce the amount of waste that leaves your home and goes to landfill.

Don’t put these items in the red/green lidded general waste bin

  • no bricks, rocks, soil or concrete
  • no large metal objects
  • no building materials
  • no liquids – paints, motor oil or solvents
  • no toxic or corrosive substances
  • no needles and syringes

Working out your collection day

To determine your general waste collection day, visit:

  • and follow the prompts
  • Select Searches from the top toolbar > Find Road > Next > start to type in your road name and select it from the drop down list > Search
  • Click Layer List in toolbar
  • Select the check box at MRC Community Services and click + sign to expand
  • Select the check box at Garbage Routes layer
  • Your street will now be displayed with a coloured line which represents your collection day
  • Next to Layers at the top of the Layers list, click Layers and then Show Legend to view your collection day

Recycling bins

In the Mackay region the household 240 litre recycling bins have a yellow lid. The yellow-lidded recycling waste bins are serviced fortnightly.

The yellow- lidded recycling bin is intended for recyclables that are generated daily from households.

View the recycling calendar to work out what day your bin will be collected.

What you CAN and CANNOT place in the yellow-lidded recycling bin?


Has your wheelie bin been stolen?

Wheelie bin theft is a crime.  If your bin has been stolen, contact Policelink on 131 444 to report the theft.

Once reported, contact council on 1300 MACKAY (622 529) with the police report number to have your bin replaced.

The standard domestic bin collection service is for one general waste bin and one recycling bin per property.  Anyone with additional, unregistered bins should contact council to make arrangements for return.

Is your bin in tip top shape?

If your wheelie bin is damaged contact council on 1300 622 529 to have it repaired or replaced.

This will help eliminate any potential spillage problems.