Choose Tap

Australians are blessed with some of the finest drinking water in the world, and Mackay was recently voted as having the best tasting tap water in all of Australia and second best in the world! Yet Australians are still consuming more bottled water than ever before, creating mountains of problematic plastic waste.

Did you know?

  • The average Australian uses 130kg of plastic each year
  • Plastic is the most common type of marine debris threatening our marine life and our Great Barrier Reef
  • Less than 20 per cent of plastic gets recycled, with 80 per cent ending up as landfill or litter
  • Over 90 per cent of the cost of a bottle can be traced back to the bottle, lid or label.

So, the next time you’re thirsty, make the sustainable choice and Choose Tap.

Council has permanent water refill stations throughout the region and portable water stations you can borrow for events.

We also have a 'Choose Tap' education program for schools.

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